Get Out and Get (Brown) Fat: Using the Autumn Temperatures to Your Advantage

As we move fully into Fall, the temperatures drop, daylight hours shorten, and we spend more time inside - where it’s warm, well-lit, and Netflix is available on a 24-hour basis. When... read more

Vitamin B - A gang of cofactors just looking for trouble, or: Is B9 benign?

What B vitamins are, where to get them, and when you may need to supplement. read more

Sleep. How to get more sleep, get better sleep, and keep the sleep you get.

Sleeping is easy, right? We just lie down when we get tired, close our eyes, and a few hours later, wake completely refreshed to the sounds of songbirds and waterfalls. Nope. When we... read more

Taking Advantage of Seasonal Eating

This may not be front page news, but in the Fall, things get colder and darker. This causes what are colloquially known as “seasons”, which bring different food availability at different times... read more

Testosterone in the aging male: You’re probably not gonna like this

Multiple choice question: What’s the one thing every male starts to lose after the age of 30? His car keys His sense of humor His mind His testosterone All of the above Ok, so in some of us... read more

Vitamin A – First in your heart, first on your chart

Vitamin A is actually a group of compounds used by the human body for growth and development, good vision, and the proper functioning of the immune system. It is necessary for gene... read more

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