Start the year with credits in your Health Account - not debits

Start the New Year ahead of the pack, not chasing it! New 21-Day Program to get you there!

A lot of us go into the last month of the year resigned to the idea that it’s a waste of time to try and keep an eye on nutrition and and exercise.

It’s colder, rainier (at least here it is), darker, and frankly, depressing-er.

It’s easier just to eat whatever, whenever – especially when in the middle of holiday festivities – and hey, all the gyms have cheap rates in January – I’ll start going to the gym again after New Year’s – and this time, I’m not going to quit. I’m gonna cut out all those carbs – maybe do that Keto thing….

Yeah. Ok. Is that what happened last year? And the year before that?

Where did you end up? Have you been making steady progress since then? Adding muscle, losing fat, reaping the rewards of higher energy and a full-on participation in life?

Or not. Maybe you feel less able, less involved, less attractive and less confident than you ever have before. Maybe you’re getting really goddamn tired of that crap and trying desperately to find the trust in yourself to do something about it.

How does this option sound?

  • Make the small corrections necessary to take control of your eating and learn how to make better choices easier choices
  • Start the new year energetic and leading from the front of the pack, not bringing up the rear
  • Get in touch with your core drives and purpose
  • Learn to revitalize your discipline and prioritize your time to develop into a stronger, healthier, and more valuable role model for your families and kids

How do we do that, you may ask?

Thanks for asking! This is the part where I unveil…

The Genetic Reprogramming System: 21-Day PRE-SET

This short but intensive 3-week program is going to set you up for long-term transformation by being the trim tab for your future – that little part of the rudder that guides a boat in a desired direction without the need to constantly apply force (i.e.. effort) . This is the little thing that will move the big things.

What we aren’t going to do:

  • Restrictive dieting (we succeed by adding, not taking away)
  • Meal plans (you’re adults, you can figure out how you will make helpful choices)
  • Hours of cardio, exhausting cardio – hell, we’re not doing ANY CARDIO
  • Daily weigh-ins or measurements

What we ARE going to do:

  • Learn a nutrition strategy that can be continued and modified for the next few months or the next 15 years
  • Incorporate virtually effortless methods of accelerating fat loss
  • Start the momentum that will soon become motivation

And why is this going to work for you this time?

  • No drastic alterations to your lifestyle
  • No disruptive time commitment
  • No restrictions on what kinds of food you can eat
  • No going it alone this time – you have help, peers, and resources to support you in this change of course

I see though, that you might have some “buts”. Not like glutes, but as in objections.

This is natural in the face of potential change. Even when that change is going to be hugely beneficial.

Are these your “buts”?

  • “But I don’t have extra time! It’s too busy this time of year!” When are you NOT busy? When is that going to happen?
  • “I don’t belong to a gym/I don’t have gym gear at home” Don’t need it. Got a body? Got gravity? Then you’re good.
  • “I have kids/family that won’t want to change what we eat” Great – no one needs to. We’re going to change HOW you eat.
  • “I’ve tried Atkins/Low-carb/Keto and I can never stick with it” That’s because you tried to fit into certain foods, rather than making certain foods fit into you (I should phrase that differently next time)

You may be thinking to yourself at this point, “sounds like exactly the thing I need! I’m tired of running out of breath when I climb the stairs! I want to feel good about what I eat! And you know what – maybe even get some abs out of the deal!”

Well, hold on there, little trooper – abs are a Level Two feature. But here’s what you are going to get:

  • Personalized nutrition guidelines based on your current calorie requirements, eating style, and activity level
  • Private Facebook group for questions, information, and most importantly, support from your fellow health investors
  • Weekly activity/workout/habit tracking (via the free Trainerize app)
  • Weekly live group check-ins on Zoom for Q&A and review of the week’s topics
  • Daily emails to keep you focused and on track

But here’s the thing - this program is open to a hard cap of 40 people. No spots will be held in reserve.

So at this point you probably have two questions: When, and how much?

The “when” is December 11th. We start 21 days out from the end of the year, so that the New Year starts with you literally striding into it with energy, hope, and strength – instead of crawling out of the old year, squinting at the light, staying in the shadows of wasted potential. How’s that for a metaphor?

The “how much”? More like how little.

But, just in case improving your life is not incentive enough, early enrollments receive a discount!

The program will open up at 5:00pm PST tonight (Monday Nov. 29th). Enroll by 9pm PST on Tuesday 11/30 for the low price of $97 (that’s about $4.50 per day!) and secure your space in the program.

The price goes up each day you delay – so act quickly! Each day the cost rises $5 at 9:00pm until the last enrollment day, December 4th, when the final spots will be available at $117.

The link to enroll on or before 11/30 is As the days pass, a new link will be posted on Facebook.

Feel free to reply with any questions you may have.

I’m hoping this is the “trim tab” you need to get back on course.

It’s an investment in yourself. How much will it cost you later if you don’t make things better NOW?

Looking forward to seeing you in the program!

 - Robb


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Published on November 29, 2021.