Using a smartphone app to help you get better sleep: Sleep Cycle

Getting enough sleep can be tough, especially if you aren't aware of how you cycle through sleep during the night. The Sleep Cycle app can help you get the right amount of high-quality sleep you need to be rested and recovered. read more

Sleep. How to get more sleep, get better sleep, and keep the sleep you get.

Sleeping is easy, right? We just lie down when we get tired, close our eyes, and a few hours later, wake completely refreshed to the sounds of songbirds and waterfalls. Nope. When we... read more

Testosterone in the aging male: You’re probably not gonna like this

Multiple choice question: What’s the one thing every male starts to lose after the age of 30? His car keys His sense of humor His mind His testosterone All of the above Ok, so in some of us... read more

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